Do you want to make a music instrument to design and play your own microtonal tunings? Or a sound installation that reacts to the voice of visitors? Or would you like to analyse environmental sounds with your tablet and next, transform them on your touch screen?

For Who?

Besides podcasts Woeha also makes tailor-made digital music instruments and interactive audio applications. These software patches are useful for improvisations, composition sketches, sound installations, sonifications or (sound) research experiments. According to the wishes of musicians, artists or researchers our creations combine audio-effects, synthesizers and interface mappings.

The digital instruments in the following film music fragment - except for the bass and chords - are made by Hans Roels (Woeha).

Our instruments and applications are widely applicable and sustainable: you can use them on Windows, Apple, Linux computers, Raspberry Pi microcomputers or (on apps) in Android or iOS. At your request we can also transform them into VST or AU for usage in a Digital Audio Workstation. We create everything in the programming language Pure Data (Pd).

A second example with Hans playing an amplified lamp with one hand and controlling the digital processing of this sound with the other hand.