[2022] Making sound tracks and a polyphonic sound installation for The Unreliable Archive installation of Rona Kennedy.

[2022] Together with volunteers of the environmental organization Gents Milieufront we finished and published the first episode of their podcast GMF talks! We already started recording episode 2. Woeha edited the voice recordings and created the sound track and mix.

first episode of GMF Talks on urban heat islands:

[2021] Created a synthesizer with a stereo breath controller. You play a keyboard and simultaneously blow into two microphones to transform spatial (or other) features of the sound. Everything is designed in Pure Data. I'll post a video here soon. Meanwhile this is an audio track that I created for the website filmmusic.io. Both the high and low windy voices are performed with this synth designed by Woeha.

[2021] This is an interview with the singer Zeger Vandersteene about the song cycle Winterreise of Schubert. We recorded and edited the voice recordings and next, added a new sound track. All this was done for the art center Postx.